Cane -Custom Handmade Walking Cane/Fishing Pole. Fun Retirement/Novelty Gift. Various lengths available 34-36 inches . Walk alittle...Fish alittle...

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Handmade Walking cane/Fishing pole with fishing reel, pole eyelets and line attached. Various lengths available 34 -36 inches. Walk alittle...Fish alittle. Never leave home without your pole. I made this walking cane for myself after remission from 4th stage prostate cancer that left me needing a cane to help me walk. My love of fishing inspired me to create a walking cane/fishing pole that served a double purpose - walking and fishing with the same pole. Now, when I'm walking by the shore and see fish action, I'm ready with my pole in hand. I'm having so much fun with it and I thought others who rely on a cane to help them walk but have a love of fishing, would have fun with it too! Plus, this would make a great retirement gift!